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Welcome to Mahara

The online holistic community that connects humans to essence

About Us

In the Maori language, Mahara means 'Living Room of Remembrance'. 

Mahara is reminding us of who we are, of our life values and how important it is to be present in every moment. Mahara started out as an an urban temple in Amsterdam and is growing into a worldwide community, where we meet and learn more about different ancient wisdom traditions, natural & alternative medicine and embodiment.

We help people to reconnect: to themselves, to others and to the planet. We bring back the temple to modern society and offer a place where people can come home to themselves, rest, remember, rediscover, connect, share real truth and PLAY!

Why You Should Join Us

As an online Mahara Member you will benefit:

♡ Access to our Weekly Community Call
♡ Access to our Weekly Meditation Group
♡ Being connected to a worldwide community of awake and like-minded souls
♡ We will share with you our special practices, pearls and treasures to support your health and expand your awareness
♡ We co-create all together and build bridges in between worlds and ideas
♡ We connect you to teachers and teachings from many countries and backgrounds to give you an even more holistic approach on life
♡ Exclusive monthly offers on our online events, ceremonies and holistic products

A Big Thanks

To our beautiful community that is always inspiring us and to everyone who wants to support us in building a conscious society where people can live in sustainable ways and take care of one another. We believe in a future where humanity lives in unity; in harmony with nature and their own nature. We strive to create a loving society, where everybody feels whole, healthy and awake.

Children are the future. Ultimately, we do it for them.